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The Accessible Publishing Learning Network (APLN) is an online resource library and community hub designed to empower publishers in Canada to create high-quality content that is accessible to all readers.

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Who is APLN

The APLN is a trusted, Canadian-made accessibility resource specifically crafted for publishers working in the Canadian context. It is intended to help publishers in Canada create accessible content and build a community around accessible publishing knowledge and practices. The network has two parts:

The APLN Resource Library

The resource library is a regularly updated bank of original, expertly curated, and carefully vetted content about all things accessible publishing. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a keen novice, or an accessibility expert, you’ll find resources that help you navigate the world of accessible publishing at a level that suits your experience level and learning style. The library includes written guides, video tutorials, checklists, step-by-step instructions, and other supports to help you answer specific questions and complete specific tasks.

The APLN Community Hub

The community hub offers a live forum that allows publishers working in accessible spaces in Canada to build a collaborative community. Regardless of their level of experience in the accessibility space, publishers can come here to ask questions; learn from one another; share resources, tools, and best practices; and feel the support of like-minded colleagues across the country. The APLN will be maintained by an Accessibility Librarian who will connect users with the support and information they need! eBOUND thanks the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) for their significant contribution to the creation of the APLN.

APLN is funded by

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APLN is funded by

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funded by the Government of Canada