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Thank you for your question!

Yes, you can divide parts and chapters in that manner. You can use h1 for part headings and all the chapters within that part can have the chapter headings as h2. For example:

For parts:
<section epub:type=”part” role=”doc-part” aria-labelledby=”part1″>
<h1 class=”part_style” id=”part1″>Part One</h1>

For chapters:
<section epub:type=”chapter” role=”doc-chapter” aria-labelledby=”ch1″>
<h2 class=”chapter_style” id=”ch1″>Chapter One</h2>

I’m unsure about where the code you’ve written would be placed. Is that for the Contents page that lists all the parts and chapters, etc.? I would avoid using in-line styles (style=”padding-left: 40px;” for example) and use class= instead for styling as that is an a11y best practice.

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