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Amending my previous response:

Could you clarify which screen reader you used to test the ebook?

Typically, an ereading application such as Thorium does not announce page numbers with its Text-to-Speech functionality. TTS can function differently from screen readers/assistive technology. Page break markers are indicated using aria-labels, which include text that can be announced by screen readers (such as NVDA, JAWS).

Identifying in-text page break locations is a WCAG 1.3.1 Level A requirement. You can check to confirm if the page breaks are coded as follows:

<span role=”doc-pagebreak” id=”pg24″ aria-label=” Page 24. “/>

This is the correct method to identify an inline page break, and screen readers do read aloud the aria-label value. However, TTS on Thorium or Apple Books, for example, may not.

Find more info on pagelists and page breaks here: https://kb.daisy.org/publishing/docs/navigation/pagelist.html

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