Many thanks, Laura, b.keith, Sorry for the delay in thanking you, I forgot to subscribe to the thread, thinking that authors of a question are always notified of replies 🙂

Very many thanks for the really helpful link, Laura. I had watched your video, here on APLN, which described how to use the script, and which, most helpfully, alerted me to the value of page lists for Book Clubs.  But the other steps in the process were missing from the APLN article.  So your article describing the entire process will prove really helpful when I make the next ebook.  We have decided to add page-lists to all ebooks from now on.

Thanks also, b.keith, for the info about making page-lists manually. I might do that for one of the most popular ebooks, which is only about 80 pages.  I think that would be productive from a learning point of view.

Thanks again,




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