I have also had the same disappearing posts issue. After I click submit, the message disappears, but is not posted.  So trying again with a followup post.

I’ve just completed the intial draft of an ebook that contains page-lists. It all seems to have gone OK, getting a clean report from ACE. That was becasue of the invaluable instructions in  https://laurabrady.ca/blog/building-a-page-list, many thanks @Laura.

I think I did depart from the instructions there slightly, because I still used the Object Export Options for those text frames that were the start of a section and which needed epub:type entries. This allowed me to search for </section>     <section> in Sigil and insert the Sigil split marker <hr class=”sigil_split_marker” />.

I’ve not seen any tutorials that mentions this method and am now wondering just how others tackle the details of specifying sections prior to the export from InDesign.

The other, unexpected, issue, was that after including the page-list in the epub, I got several warnings/errors in the ACE report about some meta dependencies. The Violation report, from ACE, was helpful,  Just mentioning this here, in case others are searching this resource for information about getting started with page-lists.






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