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Hi Jim,

Thank you for this topic! That’s strange that you’re getting an error for using this role in an image tag. Role=”presentation” is mainly used for decorative images. When an image is purely decorative, i.e., it doesn’t serve any purpose towards the understanding of the text, it is marked up with an empty alt attribute and a supporting role=”presentation” ARIA role.

For example:

<img src="image/img1.png" role="presentation" alt=""/>

The empty alt attribute is more important to include for decorative images, and the addition of role=”presentation” is recommended as a best practice. Both of these allow assistive technologies to skip over these images and provide a better reading experience.

Read more about decorative images here: https://kb.daisy.org/publishing/docs/html/images-deco.html


a wooden table with a white keyboard on top, and a persons hand writing on a piece of paper

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