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Hi Swalzl,

This is a really good question! I’m looking into this and will post here when I have more information.

Just to confirm, does each book in the set have a separate title and separate ISBNs as well? And does each book in the set begin at page 1?

I’ve previously encountered a digital-only boxset EPUB, but not one based on a print set. Nevertheless, for the boxset EPUB, there were multiple TOCs, one for each book, and they were listed in separate ordered lists in the nav. I’m wondering if this can be done for the page list, although it might be convoluted or might not work.

One approach can be to order the list according to the digital content and do a continuous page list for the entire EPUB, and reference only the boxset ISBN in the OPF. However, in this case, the digital book’s citations and print citations would differ.

Again, I’ll post another reply if I find more info!


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