Very happy to hear that the posts were helpful, and thanks for the info about your workflow. I just finished the first post-19.4 export of an epub and all went smoothly (beginner’s luck, I think).

The key element in the process was to avoid making any additions/changes that affected the pagination. Fortunately the images were already anchored :-).  There were several changes made to the print indd file, but none affected the pagination.

The book was in Portuguese, but when I checked the languages in the opf file in an initial exploratory export, it showed ar-SA , pt-BR. pt-PT and en-US were present in the print file. So the first thing was to use find/change to find the styles where those languages occurred and change the language of the style to pt-PT.   The ar-SA occurred because local formatting had been used for some diacriticals

Another other thing involved changing locally applied formatting to use char styles.  But the main task was to use “edit all styles” and assign a class from our standard css style-sheet to every style, or add a new style to the style sheet. The classes that created a split were also specified.

This was a particularly uncomplicated book so the whole process only took a few hours yesterday. And a lot of that time was learning what was needed, checking and correcting errors.

This is all a work in progress, modifying things on the fly, but hope that this is helpful.


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