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I inquired with an industry expert and currently there aren’t any specific guidelines about page lists for boxset EPUBs. They did confirm that the ISBN in the metadata for the print page list source should be the boxset ISBN.

The best option here is to do a continuous page list based on the digital version, or to number the pages as “1-1, 1-2” for the first book and “2-1, 2-2” for the second book and so on. This will work if you have one master page list for all the volumes in the book.

As for multiple page lists, they might not be compatible with reading systems, which might not know what to do with the several page lists it encounters. Some experimentation might be required to test this approach out with reading systems to see if this works.

You could try an experiment where you put in 5 page lists and repeat the page #’s in each list point to different pages in the EPUB and see what the reading systems do. If it’s too confusing, then it’s better to stick with one master page list.

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