I don’t think that’s all that new (in InDesign)… I regularly add alt text to the ITPC Alt Text(Accessibility) field in Bridge when remediating epubs. We write the alt text in a spreadsheet and then cut an paste it into Bridge. Then when you open InDesign it updates all the images.

Just make sure you have an object style applied to the images that has export tagging set as figure and Export Options: Alt Text set to From XMP:Alt Text:(Accessibility) before exporting the epub

Works a treat especially if you can’t sync up the filenames/file order with the alt text because Bridge allows you to see the image and the alt text at the same time to double check everything.

I’d like to push the adding of alt text to ITPC  further up the chain at some point for the obvious reason that storing the alt text “in” the images might be the best way to future proof, but I think that will wait a bit as we bring authors, illustrators and editors deeper into the process of creating the alt text.

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