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Yes, it is recommended to use <hgroup> to wrap a heading and a subtitle together. If the header contains more than just a heading and subtitle, for example, an epigraph or an image, then you can use the <header> tag within which there can be an <hgroup> for the heading and subtitle, followed by other header components.

Example from DAISY Knowledge Base:

<section id="c01" aria-labelledby="c01-hd">
<img src="graphics/chapter-marker.png" alt=""/>
<h2 id="c01-hd">Chapter 1<h2>
<p role="doc-subtitle">Let there be light</p>
<p role="doc-epigraph">Now the earth was formless and void,
and darkness was over the surface of the deep.</p>



Your second example looks good! However, I’m unsure about the use of the title attribute in the <h1> tag. “title=”My Title” can likely be omitted as a screen reader will read out the value within the <h1> tag: “MY TITLE”

In the case where there are non-visual headings, an aria-label attribute is used and read out by assistive technology to announce the start of a new section.

More info on headings here: https://kb.daisy.org/publishing/docs/html/headings.html


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