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We have a project with some hand-drawn images which feature the same woman across a number of the images, with different clothing in each image.

One suggestion would be to briefly describe her in the first image, and then when she appears in subsequent images, the alt text would read something like “the same woman who appeared in the previous image but with a different shirt”. Would that work or should the brief description of the woman appear in each instance, and also include “the same woman”? The fact that it is the same woman, and the transition from image to image, is important, I think.

Thank you!

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Hi Duncan!

My initial instinct would be to, in the first instance, say something like “A drawn image of a woman; she looks like X and is doing Y. The same woman appears in numerous images in this book; in the following descriptions, she will be called ‘the woman’.”

Then for later images: “The woman has shorter hair and sits on an airplane”.

At NNELS, we sometimes recommend this approach, if appropriate – like saying in the first image “A black and white photo of an X. All images in this book, unless otherwise noted, are black and white photos.” Then, you don’t need to provide this information again.

Creativity is allowed! As long as the approach makes sense.


Hi Leah,

This is great – thank you! I will let folks know.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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