Best Practice for Blank Pages in Page Lists.

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Best Practice for Blank Pages in Page Lists. thread
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Chapters in printed books typically begin on an odd numbered page. Which means that there is often a blank page at the end of a chapter.

What is the best practice for handling blank pages in page lists.

I’ve seen some recommendations to remove any text frames from blank pages. But then PageStalker would not have markers for blank pages, and the resulting page list would have missing pages.

What are the recommendations, at this time, for the best way to handle this.



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Hi Jim,

Very interesting topic! Typically blank pages are removed from EPUBs and do not need to be included in the page list. In this case, you can note in the accessibility summary in the OPF that blank pages have been removed from the EPUB.


Many thanks.

I read, in a different discussion, that missing pages might be confusing for some people, that it might be preferable to retain the blank pages in the ebook. But in that discussion, there was no consensus as the the best approach. Sorry I did not save the reference to that discussion.

I will do as you suggest for now, until there is more guidance.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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