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italics - and ? thread
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We have a couple of books in different stages of production. And we’re applying  / double checking a few language tags and and <i> tags.

In one manuscript, the author has used italics for internal monologue (for the speaker’s own thoughts), while using quotes for external dialogue (spoken with another person). Would these internal phrases be tagged with or <i>? The text is in the first person, and there is meant to be a distinction between the regular narrative and the internal monologue, so I am not sure if <i> will do the trick?

The second book has been laid out, and the character styles seem to have successfully migrated from the Word doc to the InDesign file (phew). The designer has used italics for the block quotes, and then set any words that require emphasis in roman. Visually, this would be standard practice, but how do we now apply an to the roman words within the block quotes for the accessible epub? My limited sense is that the tag formats text as italic?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

Thank you!




Oh, the title of the question should be em-tags and i-tags. And it looks like the instances of em-tags in the question have formatted the text as italics.


Laura Brady

Hi Duncan. Because the italics in both cases are a question of style, they would definitely be a plain tag. And then in the 2nd book, where block quotes are italicized, I would suggest you use an tag for words with emphasis and then a class where the CSS makes it roman. Does that make sense?


Thanks Laura!

That makes sense. I will flag that roman emphasis for the conversion house, and we’ve used the i-tag for the internal dialogue.

Thank you again!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)
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