Page lists from word documents using WordtoEpub tool?

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Page lists from word documents using WordtoEpub tool? thread
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Audrey Keszek

Has anyone managed to use the pagelist feature in the WordtoEpub tool from Daisy? I mean this tool

In theory you can set a global preference to use the included .doc page numbers for the pagelist but in practice even though I’ve set that preference, when I try to export a file, in the document preferences those options are greyed out and by default it’s set to “no page numbers”.

I very rarely have word files to convert but by far my biggest problem to solve with them is the pagelist, so if I can just get this to work it will be a huge time saver for me.

Here is a screencap of the global preferences in the “default pagination” tab: the option I’ve selected is “pagination of the word document”. I’ve also tried the 2nd option which is “pagination from headers and footers”.

Screen cap of the pagination preferences in WordtoEpub, with the option "use word document page numbers" selected

But the document settings come up like this:

Screen cap of the paginations options for the current document being converted; the first 2 options including "use word document page numbers" and "use header and footer page numbers" are greyed out and by default "no page numbers" is selected

The last option, which is always selected by default, means “no page numbers”. I’ve tried the 3 preceding ones which are not greyed out (page numbers from Heading 6 style : haven’t figured out how to apply that to the automatic word page numbers, a “Page Number” style : same problem) and none of them work, I get no page numbers of any kind.

If not, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Depending on the book, I usually end up importing it into InDesign *just* to add the page numbers which is kind of a ridiculous workaround.

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