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Another question about page-lists.

Do you have a link to a demo, or other, epub that includes a page list. I’ve been looking at the pubs I have, but none of them have page-lists and I’ve not been able to find one on the web. I thought that Standard Ebooks would have page-lists but the samples I have do not have them.




Hmmmm, my post seems to have disappeared. Anyway, examples are always tough to find since there’s not as much accessibility in the open source space that have page lists. Most of what I have done open source has been digital first although I am trying to figure out a way to tie the epub and pdf’s together so I can add page references. Standard’s books are not tied to any particular edition so that’s why they don’t feature page numbers.

Take a look at A few have page list examples (Children’s Literature, Georgia).


Many thanks for that reference. The children’s book and Georgia books were helpful.

I understand about the difficulties getting Open-Course examples, but I’d also be happy to buy an ebook that has implemented page-lists.

Is it normal to show the page numbers within the text like this:
“marching along [173] the high road—one, two! one, two!”

I thought those numbers would be tiny and not visible , and that a reader would use the link in the Nav document to go to the location of a particular printed page.

It would be helpful to see how a commercial book has handled page-lists.


The problem is largely a question of drm and licensing. A lot of newer books will have page-lists but most are protected by drm. Tor sells drm-free books and I checked, the latest one I bought ( System Collapse by Martha Wells) has a page list and properly formatted links so I think you should be good with any recent from them. Mammoth at the Gates by Nghi Vo is a novella so maybe a bit cheaper ( I checked the first in the series, published in 2020 and it did not have a pagelist) . Or dig around for other publishers that don’t add drm… But the pricing for new epubs is getting outrageous so its probably still going to cost you 10 or 15 bucks.

No, including visible page numbers is not considered the norm. Usually it is just a span with an id:

<span role="doc-pagebreak" epub:type="pagebreak" id="pg_1" aria-label=" Page 1. "/>
Viewing 4 posts - 5 through 8 (of 13 total)
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