Page Titled and the OPF file

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Page Titled and the OPF file thread
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Hi again!

I’m proofing a book using Ace Smart and came to the Page Titled verification, which reads:


2.4.2 Page Titled Level A

Verify that the publication has a meaningful title in the EPUB package document.

Verify that the title of each content document meaningfully describes its content.


Does this mean that the OPF file needs a <title> element like the content files (and if so, what should that title element be)? Or is this just referring to ensuring that the dc:title metadata element?



APLN Moderator

Hi krollans,

That’s an interesting question!

I have not seen the <title> tag being used in the OPF file; usually, <dc:title> is nested within the <metadata> tags in the OPF. For all content files, the <title> tag is used to describe the content of the document.

For example:

<title>Chapter 1</title>

Since the OPF file is not a content file and is not read aloud by assistive technology, it doesn’t need a <title> tag. The OPF file tells reading systems how to organize and display the contents of the EPUB, and transfers metadata to e-reading devices and other software.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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