placement of epub:type=”cover”

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placement of epub:type="cover" thread
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The feedback I received from our eBound/Benetech review suggested that

Best Practice: Attributes Placement

SMART GCA: (General Accessibility) 4.11 Attributes Placement
epub:type shouldn’t be captured in <body> element where there exists an equivalent role, except in the case of <body epub:type=”bodymatter”>
The cover image xhtml page captures epub:type in <body> element instead of in element.

But after some research it appears that w3g considers “cover” to be a document partition:

A section that introduces the work, often consisting of a marketing image, the title, author, and publisher, and select quotes and reviews.

HTML usage context: section, body

Any opinions on who’s right?

Laura Brady

The epub:type semantics for the cover should be on the <img> element, otherwise you will get an ACE error. It is incorrect to put it on the <body> tag.

Let me check in with the certifier crew to see if this was a mistake or if the standard has evolved.


In that case it’s the w3g recommendation that’s wrong as the certifiers did want it in the . I am probably misinterpreting the w3g standard.

Laura Brady

I have clarified with Benetech. The semantics should never be on the <body> element. They are going to push for clarity in the larger W3C documentation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)
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