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Questions about Asides thread
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The InDesign File I have just been given to work on places quotations as separate side elements throughout the book.

In the export to epub, it seemed best to make these “asides”. But this is the first time I have encountered  the aside tag and have no experience with them.

I made an object style for these quotes and tagged it as “aside”

Indesign did not assign labels to each of the <aside> tags and Access-Aide in Sigil did not add anything either. So ACE gave warnings for each of the aisdes.

I wonder if I handled this in the best way or if a different method is needed to ID each of the asides. Or maybe InDesign does not yet support this and I have to assign the ID’s manually?

I hope this is an OK place for “inexperienced” questions like this.



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Hi jhswift,

Thank you for this topic!

Can you elaborate a bit more about the Ace errors you’re getting?

You can add object styles to the asides and export them from InDesign, and they should export with IDs. For example: <aside id=”_idContainer017″ class=”aside-object”>

Some sidebar asides include a heading, but if your aside doesn’t have headings, you can add a role to determine the type of secondary content the text is. For example, adding role=”doc-pullquote” to your asides should fix the error in this case.



Many thanks for the helpful reply.

My apologies for using the term ID when I should have used the term aria-label. The aside tags did indeed export with ID’s

The warning message that I got from ACE referred to the need for an aria-label, or aria-labeledby.

Will it be sufficient to simply add     role=”doc-pullquote” to each <aside> or do I also need to manually enter aria-label=”quoteNN” to each tag. I don’t understand why an aria-label would be needed since I never need to refer to a particular quote?

Many thanks, indeed, for the help and for this APLN resource. I have been looking for a resource like this for some time.




I don’t think there is any quick way. What I usually do is a big regex replace all of  <aside class=”(.*?)”> to <aside class=”\1″ aria-labelledby=”Sidebar_ID-XXX”> or <aside class=”\1″ aria-label=”Sidebar XXX”> depending if the asides have a heading. Then I also replace the aside headings with <h2 class=aside” id=”Sidebar_ID-XXX”>

Then I go through and do another search to just sequentially number the XXX’s. I can just double click on each XXX to select so it goes pretty quickly.

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