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See page xx references thread
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Wondering what  best practice might be.  I have a bunch of notes in the text that say (see page xx).

As I see it I’ve got a few choices:

  1. Remove them completely
  2. Leave them as is.
  3. Make them active links that take the reader there. The problem with this option is that  there is no way to get the reader back to where they started from — which is impossible to code in this instance.
  4. Change them to a reference to the nearest subhead eg (see “Gaining the Vote in North America”) with no link


Laura Brady

Hiya. This is a good question. Where possible, can you migrate those references to “See Chapter XX” Or “see section XX” in Chapter XX? That makes the link a little more meaningful. The question of backlinks is a thorny one and, in this case, I think you have to trust your reader to bookmark their page.

I hope that helps.


Ya, that’s what I figured. Thanks Laura.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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