Use of the eaa-microenterprise property

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Use of the eaa-microenterprise property thread
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The small publisher that I work with is exempt from the EAA legislation, but they are trying to make all their epub books conform to  the EAA  requirements.  Using ACE and ACE Smart gives the meta properties to include in the opf file, and that is now built into the work flow.

But the question has now come up if we should also include this item in the opf file:

<meta property=”a11y:exemption”>eaa-microenterprise</meta>

because the publisher is not CGA  certified.


APLN Moderator

Hi Jim,

This is a very interesting question!

I don’t believe a publisher has to be GCA certified to produce accessible ebooks. In this case, you would not include certification metadata in the OPF, but include all other applicable accessibility metadata, such as accessibility features, access modes, hazards, accessibility summary, etc. In the ONIX for the ebook, it can be noted which EPUB spec the book conforms to and the codes for the accessibility features the book includes.

If any ebooks from this publisher aren’t accessible, then you can add the following metadata in the OPF:

<meta property="dcterms:conformsTo">none</meta>
<meta property="a11y:exemption">eaa-microenterprise</meta>

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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