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Very long cover description thread
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We’ve got an extremely complex illustrated cover and right now the tentative alt text runs about 1800 characters. It has sparked a discussion about brevity vs completeness and no solutions in sight. It also turns out we will have to produce a >300 character version for the website since there are hard limits there.

The question however, is should a cover image use a Long Description? There really isn’t a way to put in a link. I suppose we could go with a “hidden” aside.  Any suggestions for best practices vis a vis covers?

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One method can be to use aria-describedby to add a longer description for the cover. This method is used often in fixed-layout EPUBs for graphic novels or picture books.

An example is:

<img  alt=”Cover: Book Title by Book Author.” src=”images/cover.jpg” epub:type=”cover” role=”doc-cover” aria-describedby=”cover-alt”/>
<div class=”hidden” id=”cover-alt”>Long description of cover.</div>

More info on aria-describedby:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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