Introduction to Third-party Production of Born-Accessible Ebooks

When working with a conversion house or other third-party producer of ebooks, it’s important to talk about accessibility features. This introductory guide shares some questions you should ask to help determine a producer’s current accessibility practices. The producer’s answers should give you insight into their understanding of accessibility and their capacity to implement best practices.

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Understanding Third-Party Producer’s Accessibility Practices

In order to be sustainable, born-accessible publishing needs to involve the whole team: everyone — from the author to the distributor — has a crucial role to play. The ebook producer — whether a large conversion house, an independent contractors, or even a printer — is no exception. Some ebook producers are more knowledgeable about accessibility than others so discussing accessibility before they get started will help set the stage for the creation of highly accessible ebooks.

Here are some questions you can ask to help you determine a third-party producer’s current accessibility practices. Their answers should give you a better understanding of what the producer knows about accessibility and what they have the capacity to implement.

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Preparing a Book for Conversion

Ebook Workflow Guide: In-house Production of Born-Accessible Ebooks

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Final Quality Assurance (QA) Pass

Quality Assurance of Completed Ebooks

Once your ebook has been created, it is time to do a quality assurance check for accessibility. This resource contains both simplified and advanced checklists to help you review your ebooks.

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External Links to More Information

Communicating with Conversion Houses & Ebook Producers

This page contains a checklist of items to help ensure a book is marked up following accessibility guidelines and best practices. It also includes a listing of questions listed by topic to help publishers assess a conversion house’s knowledge of accessibility and what they can implement.

Accessible Publishing Tips: Working with a digital production vendor

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