Resource Coming Soon

We’re working hard to create this resource. In the meantime, you can talk to the Accessible Publishing Librarian or create a discussion topic in the Community Hub. 

Talk to the Accessible Publishing Librarian

The Accessible Publishing Librarian can help you find a similar resource, guide you to an external site, provide assistance with your issue,  move the resource you’re looking for to the top of the priority list, or add a new resource to the APLN Resource Library.

You can contact the Accessible Publishing Librarian using the Live Chat feature (either a link or a description of the location of the box) during their office hours (hours TBD).

Ask the Community for assistance

The APLN Community Hub (link) is the best place to go to ask your accessible-publishing specific questions. Your question may already have an answer on the community, and if not your publishing colleagues there can help direct you to an existing resource or answer your questions from their own experiences. The Accessible Publishing Librarian is active in the community and will answer questions there as well. 

Make a Community Hub account (link to “create an account” page) to ask questions, create discussions, and participate in the community, or simply browse discussions (link to community main page) to see if your question has been answered.