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Introduction to Accessible Digital Marketing

Accessibility should be an organization-wide undertaking, and should inform plans at the outset; this brief introduction offers some discussion around the big picture, and looks at how it can be incorporated into marketing.

Subject(s): Digital Marketing, Strategic Planning
Resource Type(s): Foundations and Rationale

Best Practices for Accessible Digital Marketing Materials

There are lots of different types of content you might create as marketing materials—this resource discusses some best practices for making accessible PDFs, videos, emails, presentations, and posters, as well as offering general guidelines that...

Subject(s): Digital Marketing
Resource Type(s): Standards and Best Practices

Introduction to Writing Alt-text for Digital Media (other than ebooks)

Images used on websites, social media, and other non-book content need image descriptions. The writing guidelines are mostly the same, but there are a few additional things to consider. This Introduction document looks at these,...

Subject(s): Digital Marketing, Image Descriptions
Resource Type(s): Checklist

Guide for Reviewing Image Descriptions

This guide shares a short checklist of items to review when reading or editing image descriptions. Whether you wrote them yourself, or someone else wrote them, this guide will help ensure the quality of descriptions.

Subject(s): Digital Marketing, Ebook Production, Image Descriptions, Website Accessibility
Resource Type(s): Checklist, Standards and Best Practices