Word Styles (video)

Learn how to correctly use Word styles to prepare manuscript files for layout software, making the typesetting and ebook conversion process easier.

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    Ebook Production

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What We’ll Cover

When it comes to preparing manuscripts for production, all members of both the editorial and production publishing teams would benefit from a greater understanding of how to use Microsoft Word “styles,” which essentially give the user the ability to assign discrete formatting characteristics (font, size, weight, justification) to text, tables, and lists in a consistent and easily reproducible way throughout a manuscript.

This video walks viewers through the process of using paragraph and character styles in Word as a basis for a sound workflow process. We will cover:

  • The basic layout of Word and how to open the “style” pane; 
  • The fundamentals of headers, character styles, and clear formatting, to name a few;
  • How to toggle between Recommended / Styles in Use / In Current Document / All Styles;
  • Why the key to the successful adoption of styles in a strong workflow is consistency;
  • How to use styles for
    • structure;
    • language shifts; and
    • italic/bold, emphasis strong, cite.
  • The direct formatting guides toggle and why/how to use it; and
  • How to create a template.

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